Monday, January 13, 2014


J-Live and Skam2? @ "The Basement" WUSB Stony Brook

Happy New Year Hip-Hop dudes, I am finally trying to continue my mission to transfer highlights from the various radio shows and mix-tapes we did back in the day....Hopefully, I can be a lot more consistent from now on (and that would be cool).  Anyway, this was one I was really searching for; the first time J-Live came through and actually, the second time Skam2? came up.  This I believe, was around the time of J-Live's "Can I Get It?" single, and these two went back and forth; freestyling over current beats and classic instrumentals, cut up by DJ Cross Phada.  Skam2? had come up about a month or two earlier with The Jigmastas, so we had only recently met him.  If I remember correctly, my partner HB had picked up J-Live and Georges Sulmers from Raw Shack Records in Brooklyn to drive them to Stony Brook, and randomly bumped into Skam2? while he was skateboarding on Atlantic Avenue. He jumped in the car too and rolled to Long Island with them.  That was the type of impromptu stuff that made the show....More uploads to come!

James "DL"

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