Monday, September 16, 2013


This one is from a mix-tape of all freestyles from various NYC area underground emcees, that I started but never actually finished.....Rok-One is a talented emcee, graphic artist, deejay and cool dude who has put in mad work over the years. Most heads probably remember him from the dope "Certified Superior" 12" he released on Bobbito's "Fondle 'Em" label, but he released several other records after and was a mainstay in the local underground scene for years.....I remember when I approached him with the concept of this project, he immediately asked to do a "fast rap" type freestyle over Ultramagnetic MC's "Poppa Large" instrumental.  Anyway, it came out dope and I wish I finished this project....

- James "DL"

Rok-One Freestyle

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