Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Plague (Pack FM, Tonedeff, Hydra) @ The "Remedy" radio show

The Plague @ "The Remedy"

This one is from around 2001.  We were pre-recording episodes for an online show (The Remedy) on a site called Audiotunnel.com.  The site never launched, as the company that was hosting it, Urban Box Office, lost their investors and went out of business...But, it was fun while it lasted!  We recorded all these shows in a fly studio in Manhattan and since we were getting compensated, it was the closest to commercial radio we ever got!  It's funny because this was in the EARLY days of internet radio and Sirius, XM and others like them were in their infancy.  It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if everything worked out...Well, we recorded about 15 shows and had a lot of guest emcees on there.  This was a particularly good cipher with the homies Pack FM and Tonedeff and their crew Hydra; who we met the first time the night of this recording.  These emcees were part of a bigger crew called The Plague, which did a lot of shows in NYC. 

- James "DL"

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