Monday, October 7, 2013



I have slacked off with the updates the last couple of days, but I'm back.  In order to catch up a little bit, I am posting two new ones today.  Both are from around 1998....The first one is the second appearance on the show by Adagio!  Adagio! comprised of two members; Big Cousin from Mt. Vernon (who produced all the beats) and Rayme Supreme, who was from Philly.  These two put out several dope EPs and 12"s throughout the mid-to-late 90s and were two of the most humble and chill dudes in the scene as well.  Big Cousin always used to lace us with the early tracks and test presses, which was ALWAYS a good look!  The first time they came up (sometime in 1996) they brought up their artist Wisdom and also Breezly Bruin from the Juggaknotz. I need to find that tape too!  This particular show, Big Cousin rolled all the way out to Long Island for dolo, which said a lot about how driven he was about his craft. It was always great to know artists who worked as hard to support us as we did to support them!

- James "DL"

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