Wednesday, October 2, 2013


This is another older one from "The Basement".  I think I got in touch with Maestro because he was promoting his new release "Death Ministry" and put his contact number in the CMJ Magazine.  This was pre-internet social media, so if we didn't meet an artist in person at a show or at a record label, we would have to be creative. Sometimes we would get management or label phone numbers off of the 12"s and also industry magazines like CMJ, Gavin or Urban Network.  I met a lot of cool people in this fashion....Maestro Fresh Wes, of course was the first rapper to really achieve larger fame in Canada in the late 80s, but he had since moved to Brooklyn and was taking the indie route...Wes really is one of the most humble dudes I have ever met and he actually later on introduced me and my radio/business partner HB, to Gauge (who became our first artist on Phono Synthetic Records). We set up this interview and Maestro took the Long Island Railroad all the way out to Stony Brook to appear on our show. He also brought up my man S.L.D., who was promoting his upcoming 12" on V-Max Records at the time. S.L.D. was an artist from the Bronx, who was also mad cool and he came up to the show several times after this. This was a great show with two artists who became instant fam to all of us at the station.....

- James "DL"

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